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Pumpkin Preserve

Our Process

  1. Peel the ash pumpkins.
  2. Cut into pieces.
  3. Remove the seeds.
  4. Prick the pumpkins well with machines.
  5. Using machines cut them into square shaped pieces.
  6. Put them into large tanks and keep for 1 h mixing with slaked lime.
  7. Wash it well.
  8. Squeeze the water out of pumpkins.
  9. Add sugar and ash pumpkin pieces into the preserving pans and keep stirring until it becomes thick.
  10. After they get cooked reduce the heat and stir carefully.
  11. After they are cooked coat it with sugar again.
  12. Then place them on large tables and allow them to cool.
  13. Finally put them into 5kg packets and seal well.

Dried Plums

Our Process

  1. We get sulthana boxes (each 10 kg)
  2. Sort and clean them well
  3. Arrange them into 5kg pkts which is ready to deliver.